Report: Bradley denies threat to wife

Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley hit back at claims that he threatened to kill his wife, dismissing them as a pack of lies, TMZ reported Tuesday.

The ex-major leaguer filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court in response to his estranged wife’s request for a restraining order against him, saying that Monique Bradley’s allegation that he threatened to kill her with a gun was "absolutely false."

Milton Bradley said that his wife, who earlier this year filed for divorce, "has a habit of making false charges against him," according to TMZ, and cited several examples of her allegedly baseless claims, including a recent accusation that he chased her around their home with a baseball bat in September.

The 33 year old was arrested and booked on suspension of felony assault with a deadly weapon following that allegation, but later released on $30,000 bail. It was his second arrest this year, after he was picked up by police in January after allegedly threatening his wife. He did not face charges for that incident.

Milton Bradley now is asking the judge to dismiss the restraining order and award him joint custody of the couple’s two sons, aged five and two.

The volatile outfielder’s 12-year career has been marred by issues on and off the field, injuries and suspensions. He proved to be a tough fit for every organization he donned a uniform for, playing for eight teams and never spending more than three seasons with a single club.