Mike Trout Winning His 2nd AL MVP Is A Silver Lining.

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout won his second American League Most Valuable Player Award Thursday.  For Trout it is a great accomplishment as he has now been runner-up or won the MVP in each of his first five seasons.

You have probably heard about the numbers Mike Trout put up in 2016, and they are nothing short of amazing.  Trout is so well-rounded and is a multi-faceted player.  I have said many times to any of my friends (and my cousin Tyler, God Bless Him for having to hear me ramble on about Mike Trout over the past five years), that every time you go to an Angels game you have a chance to see greatness in action.

I myself have witnessed so many amazing feats with my own eyes.  My favorite moment may be when Trout scaled the wall in center field to rob Jesus Montero of the Mariners of a three-run homer which kept the Angels close in a must-win game coming down the stretch in 2015.  I have seen amazing base-running on numerous occasions.  I have seen Trout show off his arm and gun down a potential tying or go-ahead runner at the plate or at second or third base.

This is not to mention all the big hits Trout has come through with at the plate.  Numerous big flies and extra-base hits.  There are times when Trout’s pure speed and hustle has made a difference in turning a single to a double, double to a triple and so on.

However, the thing that amazes me the most about Trout’s on-field performance is how he can affect a game even when he goes 0 for 4 at the plate.  If Trout gets on base via a walk or a fielder’s choice, or a hit he can change the game.  When Trout is on base it immediately changes a pitcher’s and catcher’s mindset as they have to be aware of Trout trying to steal a base.  Infielders and outfielders must also be aware as Trout will take the extra base whenever possible.

Trout can manufacture a run all by himself which is important for the Angels who have had scoring runs at times throughout Trout’s five years with the team.  His defense saves numerous runs for the pitching staff as does his arm.  Quite simply put Mike Trout is a game-changer like few others are.  He will beat you in many ways and Trout does it on a consistent basis.

The thing that impresses me the most about Trout is all the intangibles. Trout is an all-around nice guy.  Almost daily he signs autographs, takes pictures, and interacts with fans all across the country.  Trout also has a great humility about him.  You never hear him bashing his teammates, or management, or anyone for that matter, which he could easily do in moments of frustration.  Put it simply, his mama raised Mike right.

Trout totally refutes the Charles Barley saying “I am not a role model.” Trout takes his job of being a role model and someone that fans young and old can look up to.  The thing I enjoy most about Trout is how hard he plays the game at all times and the energy and enthusiasm with which he does so on a daily basis.

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Hopefully the Angels will be able to build a championship team around Trout as he deserves that as well as many players on the Angels who give it there all do.  Trout  has been called by many the “New Face of Baseball”, but he is the face of the Angels first and here is hoping he will play for 15 or more years as an Angel and retire as an Angel.

In a place nearby, where Magic happens on the daily,  hopefully Trout and the Angels will be sprinkled with some of Tinkerbelle’s special fairy dust so that Angel Stadium and the team will be able to produce some magical moments in the not to distant future.

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