Miami Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton hits mammoth 500+ foot home run

Today in "Holy [expletive], did you see what Giancarlo Stanton did?" — the power-hitting Miami Marlins outfielder hit a home run off Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis into another galaxy, 20 rows up the Coors Field outfield section in the deepest part of the ballpark:

What makes this mammoth 504-foot blast so special is that it was a frozen rope line drive. 

It was the longest home run in the MLB this season and the longest in Coors Field history — a feat seemingly impossible to accomplish by a human swinging a wood bat. But, if we’ve learned anything from Giancarlo these past two seasons: He was put on this Earth to re-define the word home run, and he has succeeded.

P.S. If you try and catch that home run, your hand doesn’t just break — it shatters into 1000 pieces and dissolves into thin air, right?