Barry Bonds makes his Cooperstown case: ‘God knows I’m a Hall of Famer’

Barry Bonds is back in baseball as the Miami Marlins’ new hitting coach. Since his retirement in 2007, Bonds has mostly been absent from the game, including on most Hall of Fame ballots since appearing on his first in 2013. 

While Bonds’ vote percentage has steadily improved from 36.2 percent in 2013 to 44.3 percent in 2016, the reigning home run king still is being blocked from Cooperstown because of suspicions of performance-enhancing drugs use.

When asked Saturday when introduced to the Marlins media. if it were up to Bonds, however, he already would be enshrined in Cooperstown, according to TSN.

I don’t really have an opinion about it. I know that I’m a Hall of Fame player. I don’t really need to get into that. I’ll leave that to you guys to make that determination. That’s not my fraternity. But in my fraternity, in Major League Baseball, there’s not one player that can sit there and say that I’m not one. There’s not a coach that’s ever coached me that says I’m not one. Until you guys decide to make that final decision then that final decision will be made on your terms. But in my heart and soul, and God knows I’m a Hall of Famer.

If voting were based on numbers alone, Bonds would be a no-doubt Hall of Famer. With players from the steroid era becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame, though, voters still aren’t fully backing the controversial candidates.