Mets, Royals discussing possible swap

The Mets and Royals are discussing a trade that would result in an exchange of Mets left-hander Oliver Perez for Royals righty Gil Meche — and possibly more.

The names under discussion, major-league sources say, include outfielder Jeff Francoeur and second baseman Luis Castillo from the Mets and reliever Kyle Farnsworth and outfielder Jose Guillen from the Royals.

To be clear: Those names are in play, but might not all be in the same proposals. A trade, if it happens, will not necessarily be 3-for-3.

Perez and Meche have exactly the same amount of money remaining on their contracts — the pro-rated portion of $12 million this season and $12 million next season.

The contracts of Francoeur and Farnsworth also match up almost evenly. Francouer is earning $5 million this season and eligible for arbitration next season. Farnsworth is earning $4.5 million this season with a $5.25 million club option for next season.

Guillen is owed just over $4 million on the final year of his contract. Castillo is owed just over $8 million on his deal, which runs through next season.