Mets’ playful tweet about Harvey sets off flap

Just to be clear: New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will be at

Citi Field on Wednesday night, not Madison Square Garden.

All season, longtime Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz has sent out

playful notes on his new Twitter account that are totally untrue.

There was one, for example, about the Mets playing a tripleheader

after snowouts at Colorado.

His latest message caused more of a commotion. On Tuesday, he

tweeted this: ”Matt Harvey has Mets’ permission to skip game

tomorrow and be at MSG to root on Rangers. Matt has not seen

Rangers lose at home. 6-0.”

Horwitz said it was meant as a joke, but some news outlets and

fans believed the tweet and criticized the team for its stance.

Harvey started Tuesday night at home against the Chicago White Sox

and is sticking to baseball. The New York Rangers host Washington

in the NHL playoffs Wednesday night.

”It’s amazing what some people will believe,” Horwitz