Mets: Five bullpen targets that could change 2017

With the MLB offseason in full swing and the possibility of a Jeurys Familia suspension, the New York Mets may want to consider one of these bullpen pickups.

If Familia’s Domestic Violence case turns into anything similar to that of Aroldis Chapman, the Mets could find themselves without their closer for the first few weeks of 2017. That, coupled with the loss of free agent Jerry Blevins, leaves the Mets with a big hole to fill. Here are some options worth looking into for next season:

1. Kenly Janesn

Jansen is arguably one of the best free agent pitchers in general, though as a result he wouldn’t come to the Mets for anything less than a hefty price. In 2016, his seventh season with the Dodgers, he earned just over $10 Million.

He finished the season with the second most Saves in the National league, only behind Familia. His 47 Saves and 1.83 ERA are also career bests for full-season work. His 13.6 K/9 rate was fantastic, comparable to the 13.9 of Aroldis Chapman.

While the price for Jansen would be high, possibly $54 million over four years, it has its perks. The signing would allow Jansen to earn Saves in the absence of Familia and for a lights out 1-2 punch.

2. Aroldis Chapman

Over the course of 2016, Chapman had gone from the Reds to the Yankees, and then to the Cubs. While Chapman has stated he does want to be a Yankee again, it would be a bad idea if the Mets did not at least make an offer.

In 2016, Chapman made just a little more than Jansen, $11.3 Million and earned 36 Saves in just 59 Games. His 1.55 ERA and 0.862, along with his 9.6 K/9 rate make him another top free agent. The Mets however, may need to pay an arm and a leg to bring Chapman into Queens, though the potential would be worth it.

3. Mark Melancon

After making a name for himself in Pitsburgh, Melancon was traded to the Nationals and continued his success. He earned a whopping 98 Saves over the past two seasons and has seen a 1.64 ERA in 2016. Melancon appeared in at least 70 games in each of the past four seasons, which would make him a perfect fit to be the “go-to” guy late in games.

Melancon earned just under $10 million in 2016 and should be an affordable option for the Mets, which could pay for itself is he appears in 70+ games.

4. Trevor Cahilll

Another possible pick-up from the Cubs is 28 year old Trevor Cahill. 2016 was his career year as he posted a 2.74 in 50 Games. He had been a Starter for most of his career until 2015 and could be signed for very little. He made $4.25 million in 2016 and could possibly fit in the Mets Bullpen for a few years.

5. Kevin Jepsen

One other possible pick-up would be former Rays and Twins pitcher Kevin Jepsen. His 2016 season was horrible, posting a 5.98 ERA and a 1.671 WHIP. This was nothing like how he pitched in 2014 and 2015 where he pitched to ERA’s of under 3 both seasons. Jepsen has never earned more than $6 Million a season and could rebuild himself playing at Citi Field.

The Mets already have one of the best relievers in baseball in Familia, but it wouldn’t hurt to add one of these pitchers to their arsenal in the hopes of another postseason run in 2017.

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