Mets: David Wright recovery update

Let’s quickly chat about the Mets Captain and his recovery.

On Thanksgiving morning, the Daily News did a Mets Mailbag. If you’re like me and you were too busy stuffing your face from the second you woke up, you probably missed it. Well, here’s a little recap for you – Kristie Ackert answered a couple of questions about David Wright‘s recovery.

What did we find out?

Well, according to Sandy Alderson, Wright has not started any baseball activities yet. No, this isn’t that big of a concern as most Mets players haven’t resumed baseball activities yet and won’t do so until maybe next month.

We all remember how this past Spring Training Wright did not enter games right away, and when he did, he started slowly in a minor league game. Obviously, the Mets will probably do something similar, if not the same thing, this upcoming Spring Training for precautionary reasons.

Additionally, earlier this month, Alderson had said they were “optimistic” about Wright contributing to the team this upcoming season. However, they don’t know what to expect from him. This is reassuring….but not? (Cue everyone who believes Wright should retire to start commenting here).

Another difference between last year and this year in terms of Wright coming back? Last year the organization stated that their goal for Wright was 130 games. This year, they have yet to say anything of the sort yet. Yes, it is early, and yes, Wright hasn’t even started any baseball related activities yet, but still something to note.

Do I hope to see Wright back on the field this season? Yes, I really do. He’s our Captain. He’s pulled this team through some tough times. He deserves to be playing on a winning team. But, as we’ve seen the past two seasons, his health is getting to him, and we have to be realistic about what he can actually contribute. He’s not the same Wright from 2006 – well duh, he’s ten years older.

But I do believe that a healthy Wright can still be a great asset to this team, and I hope we get to see that.

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