Mets are “built on pitching” acknowledges Wilmer Flores

On Friday, Wilmer Flores and the Mets may not have settled, but that morning, the fan favorite was on SiriusXM talking about the team.

I’m sorry before I go any further I need to acknowledge the fact that out of all the players FLORES is the one who couldn’t reach an agreement with the Mets. I was shocked when Matt Harvey wasn’t the last one to settle…..and then I was even more shocked when Flores didn’t even settle. Okay, I had to get that out.

Anyways, before any of this arbitration news came out, Flores was interviewed on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio on Friday morning. We found out quite a bit during this interview, such that Flores acknowledges the absolute dominance that is this starting rotation (when healthy, of course). In fact, Flores even states that it’s the Mets pitching that got them to their last World Series.

“When we got to the World Series in 2015, it’s no secret that our pitching took us to the World Series. We’re built on pitching and it’s going to be healthy. … So, it’s going to be an interesting year.”

Interesting year. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel the most reassured hearing all this. But it’s okay, because Flores went on to clarify. He does believe that the team will get back to the postseason in 2017 — assuming everyone is healthy.

“This year, I think everyone is going to be healthy, which will be the key for us.”

Yes, health is key. We hope everyone is going to be healthy as well.

Another takeaway from this interview? Flores prefers playing second base, but is willing to play wherever he is needed (as we have seen). In fact, last season he only played 18 games at second base.

Now, in my opinion, the most important thing we learned from this interview? He thinks that Jacob deGrom has better hair than Noah Syndergaard. Those are fighting words — I’m surprised we haven’t seen a tweet about this from Thor yet.

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