Memo To Bryce Harper: Shut Up, Play Ball, And Wait Your Turn

Bryce Harper needs to play a minimum of 324 games in a Washington Nationals uniform before he is eligible for free agent status following the World Series in 2018. And yet, he’s acting like he’s already in the game via a “proclamation” he sent to the masses announcing that he demands $400 million over ten years- and that’s for openers. Take a seat Bryce and wait your turn like everyone else…….

It’s anyone’s guess what Bryce Harper thought he might be achieving when he thrust himself into the Winter Meetings by stealing headlines from players who have waited in line for their chance in the spotlight and a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure their future as a free agent. Selfish, egomaniac, stupid, arrogant…..pick any one, or maybe they all apply. Or maybe he just needs to tell his agent, Steve Boras,  who’s boss and to stop giving him bad advice. Because remember, Boras has already earned $175 million from players like Bryce Harper with his go for the jugular style of negotiating contracts for his clients.

Bryce Harper:  A Baseball Enigma

So if it’s really as it seems, and Bryce Harper wants the money, Boras will get it for him. But at the same time, Bryce Harper needs to understand and digest a couple of things. The first thing (Bryce) is that you aren’t making any friends here. The Nationals are trying to put together a team that is built to win. And you come along out of the clear blue, and now they are forced to talk about an extension…….Now? ….in the middle of the Winter Meetings?  And what do you think your teammates at home are thinking? Have you been in touch with any of them lately?

You need to take a seat because none of this is in your control. You are the property of the Nationals for two more years and nothing can change that, unless they decide to trade your butt to the Minnesota Twins, or some other non contender.

They could offer you a contract extension, but before they do they’ll probably call the Marlins to see how the $325 million 10 year extension given to Giancarlo Stanton is working out for them. And besides, what have you done for them lately? You hit .243/.373/.441 with 24 homers last year. And they’re supposed to be joyous about that and ready to open the vault up for you…..

Bryce Harper: A Alternate Path To Take

Tell ya what Bryce. Here’s some (free!) advice you won’t hear from Mr. Boras. Instead of injecting yourself into a nightmare for your team and a front office that appears to be in it to win it, why don’t you go out there and put up the numbers you did during your MVP season. And along the way, why not step up and show some maturity that translates into leadership for a team that sorely needs it. And for a closing argument, why don’t you lead them to a World Series Championship in at least one of those two years.

Because if you can do that, the numbers will speak for themselves and you will be leading the victory parade from Capitol Hill to the White House where you will hoist the trophy in the air standing next to the President of the United States.

And at that point, you won’t have to demand anything. Because all the money in the world will be there for you as the most sought after free agent in the Class of 2018.

And more importantly young man, you’ll be seen in the same light as players like Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout , and a host of others who are regaled for their character as much as the numbers they put up……you say the game of baseball is “tired” and you may be right about that. But you know what, you’re becoming part of the problem and not the solution to the problem. Put some numbers up….that’s all. Make us want to come to the ballpark to see you play. Because otherwise, you’re just making me plain “tired” by your nonsense……

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