McClendon throws epic on-field tirade after ejection in game vs. Yankees

Lloyd McClendon made sure to get his money's worth after being ejected in Tuesday night's ballgame. 

Joe Nicholson/Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon recently said he was actively trying to ‘shake things up’ with his club. Apparently, he meant that in more ways than just a lineup switch. 

On Tuesday night, McClendon and Mariners catcher Mike Zunino took issue with first base umpire Will Little’s ruling on check swing by Alex Rodriguez. After Little said A-Rod did not swing, Zunino became visibly upset – but McClendon took things a step further, bolting out of the dugout and throwing the kind of protest that would make Lou Piniella proud:

McClendon is no stranger to dramatic managerial outbursts, as he showed back in his days at the helm of the Pittsburgh Pirates: 

With the Mariners struggling to perform at the level many expected of them so far this season, McClendon’s tirade could be an expression of his mounting frustration – and, it could also double as a motivational tool for his troops to get in line and make good on general manager Jack Zduriencik’s declarations that the M’s "have got to figure it out" on the field

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