Marlins manager: Dugout catcalls part of game

A little back-and-forth flap between the Florida Marlins and St.

Louis Cardinals seems to be festering.

The problems started Monday night when Cardinals pitcher Kyle

Lohse was hit in the leg by a line drive. While Lohse was down, a

Marlins player barbed him from the dugout.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez says he knows who called out to

Lohse, but didn’t identify him. Rodriguez said Tuesday that some

Marlins veterans have spoken to the player in question. But the

manager says if opponents can’t handle the catcalls, then too


Lohse says the derogatory comments convinced him to keep

pitching. He went six innings in a 6-5 loss.

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said such remarks were

inappropriate when Lohse appeared to be hurt.