Marlins’ Guillen says he’s through with Twitter

Ozzie Guillen has bad news for his 230,927 Twitter followers. He

says he has posted his final tweet.

Guillen, the sometimes outspoken Miami Marlins’ manager, said

Thursday ”I hate Twitter. I don’t need the aggravation … so many

nasty people.”

He announced on his (at)OzzieGuillen Twitter account his

departure in English and Spanish by saying ”my last tweet. me

ultimo tweet good luck buena suerte.”

The 47-year-old Guillen says he advises his followers to follow

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison. Guillen says Morrison is ”more

fun” and ”has better stuff than me.”

Guillen’s most recent tweets were about the death of his friend

and former White Sox pitcher Kevin Hickey.

Guillen tweeted ”my man kevin hickey go to better life rip my