Get real: Ozzie Guillen in TV series

Get the bleeps ready. Ozzie Guillen is coming to a reality

series near you.

The big three of the Chicago White Sox – manager Guillen,

general manager Ken Williams and owner Jerry Reinsdorf – will be

featured in “The Club” on the MLB Network this summer.

Episodes scheduled to begin airing July 4 will contain footage

from spring training and the regular season, focusing on behind-the

scenes interaction of key members of the franchise.

“I don’t know why they picked us. I’m serious because I think

there are more people out there. But I’m glad,” Guillen said

Sunday as the White Sox pitchers and catchers held their first

workout of spring training.

“It surprised me Kenny wants to do this. It surprised me Jerry

wanted to do it. It didn’t surprise me that I wanted to do it

because I wanted to be seen on television. But I think people are

going to have fun and see something they haven’t been seen


And with Guillen, known for his salty language, they could hear

some things they don’t hear too often.

Guillen promised he wouldn’t clean anything up. Camera or no


“Oh no. That’s me. I’m going to be myself,” he said. “One

thing about it, I’m not going to change. I’m going to talk if no

one is around me.”

Williams and Guillen combined to win a World Series title for

the White Sox in 2005. Some of Guillen’s wild comments over the

years have forced Williams into a damage control mode with his

colorful manager, who is entering his seventh season.

“Hopefully I don’t have to be on TV when Kenny gets mad at me.

That’s not an easy conversation,” Guillen said.

The White Sox will have the right to review each episode before

it airs, diminishing the chance that something embarrassing could

get out.

Williams said the prospect of doing the show was presented

during the winter baseball meetings in December.

“We are going to have fun with it, why not?” Williams


“By the time it gets on air, it will be for consumption of

children. In the editing room, they are going to have some

challenges with our group.”

One decision that won’t need much discussion is who will be the

opening day starter.

Guillen cleared that up in a hurry Sunday, soon after pitchers

did their throwing on the first day.

He said Mark Buehrle will start the season opener April 5

against Cleveland. Jake Peavy, the former Padres ace and Cy Young

Award winner acquired in a trade last season, will follow Buehrle

in the rotation.

Guillen said the choice was made out of respect for Buehrle, who

broke in with the White Sox in 2000. Buehrle’s opening day start

will be his franchise-record eighth. He is currently tied with

Billy Pierce with seven.

“I think Mark feels very, very good. I think he earned that

spot. … I hope he doesn’t throw another no-hitter,” Guillen said

in jest.

“Please don’t. We were in first place when that happened.”

After Buehrle pitched a perfect game on July 23 against Tampa

Bay, the White Sox were tied for first at five games over .500.

But the very next day, Chicago lost a doubleheader to Detroit

and was never on top again while finishing 79-83. Buehrle went 2-7

with a 4.78 ERA in 13 starts after the perfect game.

Before Guillen told reporters of his choice, Peavy said he

wanted Buehrle to get the nod and break the record.

“I think he is deserving. … It’s his staff,” Peavy said.

“He has been the face of this franchise for such a long