Mariners Hall Of Fame Candidates Will Officially Learn Their Fate Today

At 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (3 PM Pacific Standard Time), three former Mariners, Edgar Martinez, Arthur Rhodes, and Mike Cameron will officially find out if they will be initiated into Cooperstown’s most fabled hall, the MLB Hall of Fame.

In their 8th, 1st, and 1st years on the ballot respectively, former Mariners Martinez, Rhodes and Cameron are waiting for the MLB’s definitive announcement as to who, if any of the three past M’s, will be enshrined in Cooperstown in 2017.

Unless the online ballots are mostly incorrect, it is impossible that Rhodes and Cameron will make it into the hall on their 1st go around.

Of the over 230 hundred ballots made public, Rhodes and Cameron have not garnered a single vote with 54% of all ballots having been tallied by Ryan Thibodaux, baseball’s hall of fame vote tracker -they are hoping to receive 75% of the votes.

In fact, unfortunately for Mariners fans hoping that Martinez can save the day by getting enough votes, according to Thibodaux’s last calculations from last night, Edgar would need to get a vote on 86% of the remaining ballots.

You can see the entire prediction chart here.

Even though the numbers aren’t looking so good, Cameron and Rhodes will have nine more attempts to make it into the hall.

And, if they both never make it to Cooperstown, we can still look on the bright side, there’s only one way to go at zero votes: up.

As for Martinez, this will in all likelihood be his most successful vote-getting year, as he is expected to be on around 65% of the ballots, just 10% shy of enshrinement.

As he trends in the right direction with two years left of eligibility, Edgar’s hall of fame fate appears less grim than his Mariners counterparts.

It may take up to nine more years for all of these Mariners to be in the hall, but today we will find out how they did on the 2017 ballot.

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