Fan at Mariners game drops two home run balls in three innings

A fan at Thursday’s Mariners-Orioles game was short on luck but not opportunity as he had two home run balls hit off his hands in a matter of only three innings. (Check out full video above.)

To catch any home run ball with bare hands is not an easy task. On this first miss, the man tried to reel in a homer to right field that the M’s Seth Smith absolutely crushed in the fifth inning:

The second miss happened in the seventh inning when Orioles left fielder Hyun Soo Kim ripped a home run to the same spot. The man set up under the ball a couple feet to the side and it just bounced off his hand/thumb.

No luck on either of the rebounds, either. I’ve heard the argument that a man over 35 years of age should not bring his glove to the ballpark and submit this post as a total rejection of that idea.

Tough day at the ballpark for that man but it’s a very distant cry from what befell that Yankees fan seated on the third base line in 2015: