Man with gun at Astros game was plain clothes police officer, according to team

Thankfully, this image didn't represent what some people feared it did when it happened live on Monday night. 

On Monday night, a fan at the Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles game was spotted pursuing a foul ball – and as Twitter users realized, a gun was poking out of his waistband:

Video of the incident spread like wildfire on social media, as people began speculating that the security at Minute Maid Park had somehow allowed a fan to bring in a concealed weapon.

Fortunately, that isn’t what happened. The Astros took to Twitter to explain the situation on Tuesday, and it had to do with a pre-game ceremony on the field honoring police officer Richard Martin, who was killed in the line of duty recently:

Thankfully, this did not play out as some feared it would on Monday, and it’s nice to see the Astros chime in to set the record straight.

(h/t Houston Chronicle)