Bad adult attempts to steal Mike Trout home run from children, grabs wrong ball

Man, get a load of this goober. This big honkin’ goofus.

He doesn’t even know what a decoy ball looks like, as evidenced by his pursuit of a random throw-around ball after a Mike Trout two-run homer at Tempe Diablo Stadium on Monday.

Sportscasters (h/t Deadspin’s Timothy Burke) noticed the incident, which occurred in the third inning of the Angels’ spring training tilt against the Chicago White Sox (at the 1:30 mark).

Thinking he’d outsmarted the scrum of children, the man scurried down the grassy slope overlooking the outfield and grabbed a ball that was near Mike Trout’s homer, but definitely not Mike Trout’s homer.

He then accented his would-be thievery by Constanza-scurrying back up the berm.

This is why you leave these things to the kids, you jamoke.


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