Man with no arms delivers perfect strike on first pitch

Tom Willis threw out the first pitch Monday night before the game between the Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.

Considering the home team fell 5-1 for its fifth straight loss, perhaps Tim Hudson should have asked Willis for pointers. As you can see in the video above, Willis threw a perfect strike.

As you can also see in the video above, Willis is no ordinary pitcher.

Born without arms, Willis has used his feet and legs for all of life’s tasks, “including writing, dressing, cooking, and even driving an automobile specially equipped with foot steering controls,” according to his website.

Using his experiences and the challenges he has overcome to do work as a motivational speaker, Willis is currently on the Pitch for Awareness national tour.

According to the Tour’s site:

"The Pitch for Awareness tour takes Tom to major league ballparks across the country where he’ll pitch a ball . . . and pitch his message of the awareness of the ABILITIES of persons with disabilities."

According to the site, Willis threw out the first pitch at 22 parks before this season.