Man makes giant statue of David Ortiz out of Legos

David Ortiz is a large, large man. Some would argue the largest.

So it stands to reason that any statue built in the Boston Red Sox slugger’s image would take considerable time and materials to get right. Now, thanks to master Lego builder Erik Varszegi, we know exactly what it requires to make a life-sized Ortiz structure.

The magic number: 34,510 — a.k.a. the number of Lego building blocks that went into Varszegi’s 6-foot-7 Home Run Papi version.

Varszegi unveiled his creation at Fenway Park on Wednesday. He thinks his take on Ortiz’s iconic home run celebration is about as elementally Papi as it gets.

"That’s a very iconic pose for David Ortiz," Varszegi said. "Either that or a nice power swing. Either one of them would have been great, but the Red Sox were kind of steering up towards this direction and I’m pleased with how it came out."

The statue weighs 170 pounds and stands an imperious four inches taller than Papi himself. Its structure is outfitted with steel so it can withstand all the contact it’ll see as it is displayed at Fenway.

Dan is on Twitter. He’s waiting for the K’NEX version to complete the nerdiness.