Man arrested after firework injures fans during Dodgers-Giants game

SAN FRANCISCO — Police say several people suffered minor injuries when a fan threw a firework onto a walkway at the San Francisco Giants ballpark during the Dodgers-Giants game.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports umpires temporarily halted play around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after a loud explosion was heard and smoke was seen in an area above right-center field.

Witnesses reported seeing a man in a Giants hat in the outfield bleachers throw a large firecracker into a group of people near a concession stand. At least five people reported injuries, including dizziness and temporary loss of hearing.

Police spokesman Gordon Shyy tells the Chronicle 21-year-old Paolo Pavone was booked on suspicion of willfully discharging and possessing an explosive and discharging a firework in a public place.

The Giants beat the Dodgers 2-1.