Major League Baseball Unveils New Special Event Uniforms

Major League Baseball unveiled five new uniform sets for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father”s Day, Independence Day and the All-Star Game.

Every year, Major League Baseball releases slightly updated uniforms for every major holiday and event within MLB.  The league’s partnership with Stance Socks will give teams a wider variety of socks to choose from.  Additionally, the uniforms will now be worn over entire weekends, rather than just for a single day.

Here’s a look at each uniform below, via Chris Creamer of

The Mother’s Day uniforms feature a graphite cap with a pink visor and a pink-and-white version of the team’s logo.  The jerseys are white or grey, depending on if the team is home or away, and every letter, number and logo will be a combination of pink, white and graphite.

Teams will wear the Mother’s Day jerseys on both May 13 and 14 of that weekend, rather than just the Sunday as they have in the past.  All proceeds earned from the Mother’s Day merchandise are donated to Susan G. Kormen and Stand Up to Cancer.

Two weeks later, teams will wear Memorial Day uniforms from May 27 to 29.  These uniforms feature the most noticeable changes, as they no longer feature a camouflage pattern on the hats. Instead, just the visor of the cap will be camouflage and the rest of the hat is a “woodland” green. All caps will feature five black stars on the side, representing the five branches of the military.

Jerseys are either white or grey, with everything from lettering to logos recolored to the “woodland” green.  The Memorial Day uniforms feature just one sock design, whereas Mother’s Day has two options.

All proceeds of the Memorial Day uniforms will go to MLB charities to benefit support programs for military members and their families.

The Father’s Day uniform set is similar to last season, as the jerseys will be either white or grey with blue lettering.  The caps, however, have been updated to feature a “blue shadow tech heather crown,” as noted by  Additionally, there are two sock options for teams to choose between.  The uniforms will be worn on both June 17 and 18.  All of MLB’s proceeds from Father’s Day merchandise will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

The Independence Day uniforms feature new caps finished with “LiquidChrome,” with a logo featuring an American flag pattern.  The cap will be a heathered pattern with either a red or blue crown, per the team’s decision.

The jerseys will be either white or grey, and all lettering, logos and numbers feature a new waving flag stars and stripes pattern.  One sock will feature red and white stripes, while the other will be white stars on blue.  All proceeds will go toward benefiting military veterans and their families.

The All-Star weekend and All-Star Game uniform sets feature designs inspired by South Florida, as the events will take place in Miami this summer.  All-Star weekend uniforms, which will be used for the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and workout days, are blue for the American League and orange for the National League.  The black caps feature the “LiquidChrome” finish, and also have a floral pattern under the visor.  The socks will also feature the floral pattern.

The All-Star Game jerseys will again be the team’s own jersey, but the caps have logos and lettering recolored to be gold.  The socks will feature one blue and one orange, with a palm tree pattern.


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