Butt seriously: ‘Mad Bum’ underwear now exists, and here’s a brief primer

Who's got underwear named after him? This guy.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Madison Bumgarner, who just pulled off one of the most legendary performances in World Series history, is clearly the kind of player who can put butts in seats.

And those butts now have a way to show they’re, um, firmly behind the pitcher, too.

Soon after Game 7 was in the rear view on Wednesday night — with the Giants’ 25-year-old ace pitching five scoreless innings of relief on his way to a series MVP trophy — underwear company Jockey reportedly began handing out pairs of limited-edition "MAD BUM" skivvies to lucky fans at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Cheekily enough, the underwear includes the hashtag "#SUPPORTINGGREATNESS."

Jockey International’s CMO, Dustin Cohn, explained to USA Today how the idea reared (yes!) its head.

"We wanted to provide fans with a fun, eye-catching keepsake in support of Madison’s postseason greatness. Madison Bumgarner is one of the all-time postseason greats with a name that’s a perfect fit for the Jockey brand."

Sadly, it’s gonna be hard to get your hands on the limited-edition item. Jockey is said to have made only about 2,000 pairs, and it sounds like most of those will be given away to Giants fans Friday during the city’s championship celebration parade.

So maybe take a crack (sorry) via eBay or other backend channels?

The jokes write themselves, folks.

(H/t to FTW)