MLB’s fashion police don’t approve of Yasiel Puig’s ‘Vin Scully’ cleats

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So much for Yasiel Puig’s tribute to legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, who is retiring after this season.

Puig recently wore custom-made cleats featuring an image of Scully and the phrase “WIN FOR VIN!” – but he will pay a price for wearing them again.

According to the Orange County Register, Major League Baseball has warned the Dodgers outfielder that he will face a $5,000 fine if he sports the cleats again because they do not “conform to MLB’s uniform rules.”

In order for Puig to tempt fate, however, he needs his sore right hamstring to improve. He has been limited to two pinch-hitting appearances since tweaking it on July 20.