Los Angeles Dodgers Talks with Minnesota Twins Stall

After talks went to a half with the Minnesota Twins over second baseman Brian Dozier, the Los Angeles Dodgers will begin to pursue other options.

For a time, it looked as if the Los Angeles Dodgers would make another splashy offseason acquisition to acquire Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier.  But as talks between the two team progressed, neither side could come to an agreement on suitable compensation from the Dodgers, which has halted talks on a potential deal – for now, as reported by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The Dodgers reportedly offered right-hander Jose De Leon in exchange for Dozier, but the two sides could not agree on additional players.  While talks have ended for now, it’s entirely possible that the teams resume discussions in the next few weeks.

However, Rhett Bollinger of MLB.com noted that the Twins may drastically alter their offseason strategy, and look to bolster the current roster rather than sell off veteran assets.  Bollinger reported that the Twins met with the representatives of Jose Bautista, and could target one of the many veteran power bats available on the market.

Members of the Twins front office do not believe the team’s roster will again lose 103 games, so the Twins could possibly add a veteran bat or two.  But if the Dodgers can’t find another second baseman on the trade market, it’s likely they’ll do everything they can to convince the Twins to trade Dozier.

Dozier, who bats right-handed, would fill a major need for a Dodgers team that struggled mightily against left-handed pitching.  Last season, Dozier slashed .268/.340/.546 with 42 home runs and a 0.44 BB/K ratio.  The 29-year-old was once again reliable on the field, as he managed a respectable 0.2 UZR/150.

If the Dodgers are unable to revamp talks quickly, they’ll likely set their sights on acquiring Logan Forsythe of the Tampa Bay Rays, or Ian Kinsler of the Detroit Tigers.

Forsythe and Kinsler both represent capable right-handed bats, though neither have the same power potential as Dozier.  Forsythe likely represents the better option for Los Angeles, as he’s under team control for two more seasons, as is Dozier.

Forsythe, also 29, posted a nearly identical slash line to Dozier, but hit 20 homers while also stealing just six bases – whereas Dozier stole 18.  Kinsler struck out less last season while posting a solid .831 OPS, but at 34 with a no-trade clause, he’s seeking a contract extension if he’s traded.

With the light-hitting Enrique Hernandez currently slotted in as the team’s second baseman, the Dodgers will almost certainly make some sort of move.  Chase Utley, who’s been a member of the team for the past two seasons, could re-sign with the team.

Dustin Ackley and Stephen Drew are also on the market, and both would come at a discount from what Utley would be offered.

Minnesota is looking to quickly resolve the Dozier situation, as they would like him to have some peace of mind heading into the start of spring training.  It remains to be seen whether either Los Angeles or Minnesota will readjust their trade offers, while it seems like the Dodgers will push for a deal for a number of players.

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