D-backs CEO roasts Dodgers fans in spoof as Donald Trump

Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall is known for his outgoing personality and impressions.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A legitimate rivalry might be brewing between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

After outbidding the Dodgers for ace Zack Greinke, the D-backs aren’t giving Dodgers fans any more of a reason to like their NL West foes.

At Arizona’s recent annual awards show, D-backs CEO and president Derrick Hall delivered a spot-on impersonation of presidential candidate Donald Trump, and instead of bashing undocumented immigrants as Trump typically does, Hall focused his faux ire on Dodger fans.

"I’m talking about the most despicable, evil, vile people. They’re dirty, disgusting, they wear the things on their head – the offensive colors," Hall jokes as Trump. "They’re not good people. These are bad people. They’re disgusting people. Everybody knows who I’m talking about. Look, you know who I’m talking about: the Dodger fan."

When asked in the faux press conference who he does like, Hall mentions the D-backs, of course, which draws an applause from those in attendance at the event as they watch the skit.

"These people are good. They like me; I like them," he says. "They have a president there, Derrick Hall. This team is huge. They’re fantastical. They’re enormous. Their president is funny, he’s smart, he’s good-looking – not as good-looking as me – but he’s good-looking. … I’m telling you: They’re really on to something."

Hall is no stranger to the Dodgers organization. Prior to joining the D-backs, Hall served as a member of the Dodgers’ communications department.

While the spoof might rub some the wrong way, it should give fans a good chuckle.

However, it’s safe to say most of those chuckling fans won’t be Dodgers fans.

(h/t Los Angeles Times)