Los Angeles Angels: What Can We Expect Next Season?

The Los Angeles Angels have made a huge splash in the offseason already. One can only assume that more moves are coming for this Angels team.

The Los Angeles Angels will have the same look overall next season. The core of this team will remain as last season with the addition of Cameron Maybin.

If health isn’t an issue, the Angels will start Garrett Richards on the mound as well.

On paper, the Angels won’t look drastically different. There are still moves to be made, the Angels need a strong closing pitcher and a solid starter.

If the Angels can upgrade the second base position and the pitching situation, will they make a run for the top of the AL West?

If they make moves, it’s possible to win the AL West. However, if the pitching rotation stands as is, it’s likely the Angels will likely remain in the middle of the AL West.

I personally don’t put much stock into what Mike Scioscia said at the end of the season. Scioscia has said that the Angels aren’t as bad as the perception is. Yes, they are. Now, Injuries have played a major role in the downfall.

The Angels will still have ample time to make some moves and improve their overall squad for next season.

They’ll face the Oakland A’s on Opening Day, April 3rd, and it’s important that they are ready. What’s most important is building a team around Mike Trout, something the Angels have tried multiple times to do. However, the success rate of that build isn’t good.

Hopefully, the Angels will win more than 74 games next season. The Angels must be healthy and have an upgrade to the starting rotation. I fully expect the Angels to be better next season; however, i don’t see them competing for a title just yet.

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