Los Angeles Angels: Kole Calhoun By The Numbers

We at Halo Hangout are continuing to break down players from the Los Angeles Angels roster. Which players had the biggest impact on the season?

While the Los Angeles Angels 2016 season was basically a lost cause, there have been some highlights to take in. Albert Pujols continued to climb the all-time homers list. Mike Trout is always up for the AL MVP award. Andrelton Simmons and Carlos Perez are Gold Glove finalist from this season as well.

This Angels team isn’t as bad as their record shows. In fact, many believe they’ll compete at a much higher level next season. One player that will always be at the forefront of that is Kole Calhoun.

Many people associate Calhoun as the third best hitter on the squad. They aren’t wrong, last season Calhoun bombed for 18 homers and 75 RBI’s. Those 18 homers and 75 RBI’s placed him third on the team behind Pujols and Trout.

Calhoun is also a solid choice for right field. Since 2012 Calhoun has had decent numbers in the fielding position. Last season, Calhoun had 306 putouts, while only committing five errors on the season.

For his career, Calhoun has a fielding percentage of .985. That’s an excellent number for the Arizona native. The Los Angeles Angels probably wish they could clone Calhoun and have one in left field as well.

Recently, Calhoun underwent surgery to repair a core muscle that had been bothering him throughout the season. It’s estimated he’ll be ready for next season without any setbacks from this surgery. One thing to note about Calhoun is last season he qualified for arbitration. The Angels could sign him to a long-term contract and lock him in as an Angel avoiding the rest of the arbitration period.

As far as what can expect from Calhoun next season, it should be more of the same. Calhoun shouldn’t be linked to any trade talks, the Angels need him more than he needs the Angels. Calhoun could seriously find a home for any team in the league easily.

The focus for the Los Angeles Angels has to be in left field, some feel that Jefry Marte could be that guy. However, Marte has shown promise at the second base position as well. They’ll have to determine whether or not they’ll sign a free agent this offseason.

Calhoun deserves an A for the season. However, the team’s record counts against him and all players collectively.

While we as Angels fans continue to monitor the fall league and wait for the winter meetings to kickoff, we can only speculate what Billy Eppler and company are thinking. Let’s just hope that they are thinking about winning.

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