Los Angeles Angels: Focusing On A Championship

It’s been 14 years since the Los Angeles Angels won the World Series Championship. However, seeing Chicago win last night has to ignite the drive to win another one.

Los Angeles Angels fans, we are a short distance from 2002. It’s not as if the Angels haven’t won a World Series in 108 years. No, the Chicago Cubs and their fans deserve a ton of credit.

There was extreme patience when Theo Epstein took the president of operations job in 2011.  In fact, that’s what he preached to the fans. Five years later, the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.

How does this apply to the Angels? The Angels are in a completely different situation than that of the Cubs. For one, the contracts of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton seem forever looming. Also, the Angels farming system won’t produce a Kris Bryant any time soon.

However, there is one key factor the Angels have that could ultimately help them win a title. That factor is Mike Trout, he is still in his prime and is a proven leader on and off the field. Pujols is still producing at a reasonable level for his age, so there’s that also.

Los Angeles Angels

September 9, 2016; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) on deck before hitting in the fourth inning against Texas Rangers at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ideally, the Angels should be in the contention discussion by 2019. Next season, will likely still be a rebuilding year. Whether they draft well or bring in notable free agents is unclear.  Arte Moreno, John Carpino, Billy Eppler, and Mike Scioscia will have their work cut out for them regardless of which path they choose.

We as fans know how we feel towards the front office and ownership. Most believe Moreno is ignorant to the game and is only concerned with spending. Which is true; however, the major question is do we as fans believe in Billy Eppler the way Cubs fans believe in Epstein? As of now, the answer is probably no.

As of now, the answer is probably no. Eppler deserves credit for the work he’s put in so far. The addition of Andrelton Simmons was an excellent move.  Still, the Los Angeles Angels have to face facts, there’s a massive uphill climb to regain control of the AL West. We can speculate how this can be accomplished, but the ball is in their court.

I for one, believe free agents must be brought in for a successful campaign. The Cubs traded for Aroldis Chapman who was a key player in the playoffs and World Series. The Angels do not have a closer of this magnitude. This is one example of what the Angels should be doing to improve their chances.

The overall biggest fear Angel fans have is the departure of Mike Trout. Trout’s contract expires before Pujols’, this could be problematic if the Angels are still bottom feeder’s of the AL West. The Angels must start thinking Championship now. Sure, making the playoffs is great, winning the division is great, but, people want championships.

I am issuing a personal challenge to all Angels fans to be patient (including myself). I have been vocal about my discontent for Scioscia, Eppler, and the rest of the front office. However, there’s no chance of a change happening, so why fight it?

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