Recap of Thursday’s live chat with Rob Neyer

Carlos Gomez and the Brewers are off to a pretty smoking start to the season. Let's talk about it.

Tom Lynn/AP

Baseball is a funny thing. 

One month ago, who would have thought that the Arizona Diamondbacks would be the worst team in the league with a 4-14 record. And who would have even considered that the Milwaukee Brewers would hold the season’s longest winning streak with nine straight.

I’ll tell you who. Rob Neyer thought those things. Just kidding, but he did predict that the Brewers would be better than expected.

So come chat about that and whatever else you feel like gabbing about. Rob is here for you.

Oh, and go read his latest columns on the Brewers win streak and the recent popularity of the defensive shift.

Then comment below and show up at 1:30 p.m. ET on Thursday to maybe have the best time of your life.