Recap of Thursday’s live chat with Rob Neyer, JABO edition

These guys are very excited for 'Just a Bit Outside'

Scott Rovak/Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy. Where do we start?

In case you’ve been watching "I Love Lucy" reruns for the past 72 hours, the 85th MLB All-Star Game was Tuesday night on FOX(!). And as advertised, it was an action-packed, star-studded, Jeter-filled affair that featured the game’s best players playing … well, baseball. But that was Tuesday. The next day, we had an even more exciting announcement: The launch of our shiny, new MLB site "Just a Bit Outside" — or — JABO as it will come to be called. 

There’s a brief introduction to what JABO is all about here, penned by Rob Neyer, that will brief you on what it’s all about. But we know you have plenty of questions anyway, so what better time to ask those questions than our weekly chats with the man himself?

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