Lester: Westmoreland ‘in a good organization’

Jon Lester isn’t making comparisons between his cancer battle

four years ago and Red Sox prospect Ryan Westmoreland’s recent

brain diagnosis.

Boston announced Saturday that the 19-year-old outfielder will

have surgery Tuesday for a cavernous malformation in his brain.

“I don’t know if you can compare what (I) went through to

that,” Lester said Sunday. “I mean you’re talking about a brain,

it’s a little different situation. He’s definitely in a good

organization as far as doctors and people that’ll take care of him.

As far as that goes, we got a lot of good resources here.”

Lester was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma in

August 2006 during his first major-league season. The pitcher has

been cancer-free since his treatment that year.

Westmoreland was recognized as the best prospect in the Red Sox

system by Baseball America this offseason.

A cavernous malformation is a cluster of abnormal or dilated

blood vessels that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms can

include bleeding in the brain, seizures and headaches.

Lester said the Red Sox did a good job of protecting his privacy

during his treatment, and he expects Westmoreland will benefit from

the same approach.

“I was very happy with the way it was handled as far as the

media and the Red Sox,” Lester said. “I think I probably would

have dealt with (my treatments) the same, (but) it’s just one less

thing you have to deal with.”