LA Angels Fan Favorite Johnny Giavotella Likely Done in Anaheim

Johnny Giavotella‘s departure from the LA Angels to their AAA affiliate the Salt Lake Bees was a sad moment for Angels fan, as saying goodbye to a player who always gave 100 percent never gets easy.

Whenever lineups were announced prior to an LA Angels game without Johnny G in the lineup, I knew one thing for sure- a text from my mother would be arriving soon asking how the Angels could sit someone who played their heart out on every play.

My mom loves her Angels, but does not care for the sabermetrics or advanced stats side of the game. Giavotella always gave all his effort, and that is what her opinion formed on. Sliding into third base like Pete Rose, diving for balls in the field, and a constant smile are what made my mother, family, and the entire Angels fan base, fall in love with Mr. Johnny G.

However, Giavotella’s effort and heart just was not good enough. He hit .260 with 6 long balls, 31 RBI’s, and 4 stolen bases(caught three times) in 99 games with the team. While the 6 homeruns is a career-high, those numbers just are not good enough for a major league second basemen, especially one who only hits from one side and is not a noteworthy defender.

Johnny G was eventually sent down to the minors for his lack of production. Fans held out hope that he would rejoin the team when rosters expanded. However, when he remained in Salt Lake it became obvious his time with the Angels was up. Giavotella entering free agency only confirmed his time in Anaheim was over.

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Odds are Johnny G will find a job in the majors next year. He is only 28 years old and can be a valuable bench player. He also was a contributor on the Kansas City Royals’ World Series team, so can provide experience for a contending team.

It was as good a season for Johnny Giavotella as it was for the Angels. But, they both have potential for the future. However, I regret to inform my mother and Angels fans everywhere, their futures will be going in separate directions.

2016 Grade- C-

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