Kevin Pillar rushes to teammate Chris Colabello’s defense after 80-game PED ban

The news of Chris Colabello’s 80-game suspension following a positive PED test shocked the baseball world Friday and shook the Toronto Blue Jays’ clubhouse.

But one of Colabello’s teammates is coming to his defense. Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar spoke with Sportsnet Magazine’s Arden Zwelling and explained why he believes Colabello’s stance that he didn’t knowingly take any banned substance.

Among the highlights from this first tweet is Pillar saying Colabello is "not a person that deserves any of the labels as a cheater or as a guy trying to manipulate the system. This is a guy that got caught up in a flawed system. … He fell victim to a technicality in the system." However, Pillar doesn’t go into any detail about the technicality.

The next tweet details Colabello’s long journey to the majors and Pillar’s claim that Colabello "would never jeopardize that by doing anything."

Finally, Pillar questions MLB’s appeals process, saying "it doesn’t seem like it’s a system that’s pro-player." 

Bottom line: Colabello is out until late July.