Kansas City Royals Resolutions For The New Year

The Kansas City Royals need to make some changes for 2017. Here’s some suggested New Year’s Resolutions to help the KC Royals succeed in the upcoming season.

The Kansas City Royals simply didn’t get it done in 2016 while finishing with an 81-81 record. I know that .500 seemed like an impossible dream only five short years ago. However, I suppose I have become spoiled like every other KC fan over the last four seasons.

I no longer consider it a miracle that the Royals are no longer among the worst teams in baseball. Instead, I expect them to win. Hey, what can I say? Two pennants in a row plus a World Series title in 2015 is going to skew the expectations of the most generous fan base.

Front Office  And Coaching Staff Resolutions

Owner David Glass—promises to expand the payroll cap if the team is in position for another deep post-season run at the trade deadline. Really, it could be quite awhile before the Kansas City Royals can contend for a championship. If the Royals can pull it off next October, they could be remembered as a dynasty.

David Glass can’t afford to miss such an opportunity to penny pinching.

General Manager Dayton Moore—promises not to get captivated by toolsy players like Jorge Soler and Raul Mondesi if they don’t produce. Soler will probably hit well enough to DH, but could prove to be a liability in right. Meanwhile, Mondesi has electric tools, but Kansas City can’t afford to carry his weak bat if he doesn’t drastically improve his hitting.

Manager Ned Yost—pledge to give Salvador Perez a rest even if eh wants to catch. Oh, yeah, and to find someone else to leadoff besides Alcides Escobar.

Pitching Coach Dave Eiland—find some way to convince Yordano Ventura to follow through.

Pitcher Resolutions

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