No way, Jose! Did Bieber hit a home run with Canseco’s daughter?

Anyone who’s ever wanted a world without Justin Bieber —€” this might be the way it happens.

Bieber’s survived some scandals and plenty of people pissed at him, but he’s pushing his luck if he’s messing around with Jose Canseco’s daughter.

Eighteen-year-old Josie Canseco was spotted leaving Hollywood’s 1Oak nightclub in Bieber’s ride … bad news for the guy she’s dating.

But bad news for Bieber if he gets on the wrong side of Jose, who’s crazy enough as it is —€” just check his Twitter feed —€” but extra crazy when it comes to the women in his life.

florida bound w pops👴🏾

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Mess with that? No way, Jose.

But if Biebs wants to risk her dad’s wrath, Josie Canseco is well worth it. She’s an up-and-coming swimsuit model who reportedly has auditioned for Sports Illustrated, so you could be seeing a lot more of her soon.

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