Judge holds hearing in Miguel Cabrera case

An attorney representing Miguel Cabrera is concerned the Detroit

Tigers slugger will be unable to play in Canada if he is convicted

of driving under the influence.

Cabrera was arrested in central Florida in February and is

charged with DUI, one misdemeanor count of resisting an officer

without violence and a citation for open container of alcohol in a

motor vehicle.

Defense attorney Michael Kessler received permission Friday to

subpoena and take sworn statements from witnesses who reported

seeing the first baseman before he was arrested. Under Florida law,

depositions are not allowed in misdemeanor cases without a judge’s

approval, and then only in special cases.

The judge asked during Friday’s hearing what made the case more

important than any other DUI case and Kessler replied Cabrera

”can’t go into Canada with a DUI conviction without express

permission from Canadian officials. And they’re not going to give

that permission to the Tigers’ best ballplayer.”

Cabrera played in all four games when Detroit visited Toronto in

May, but the Tigers don’t have any more scheduled road games

against the Blue Jays this season.

The judge also scheduled a status hearing for Aug. 11.