Fernandez wants $30M in free agency, Marlins don’t plan on paying

Could Jose Fernandez command $30 million per year in free agency in 2019?
Kim Klement/Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Marlins young ace Jose Fernandez isn't expected to hit free agency until 2018, and the ball club is 'under the impression' the righty will seek $30 million per year when the time does come around, according to the Miami Herald. 

Should the number be as high as anticipated to keep Fernandez, the Marlins are already looking to move on from the pitcher for the start of the 2019 season.

Along with the monetary problems between the two sides, Fernandez and the Marlins front office have already been at odds with the pitcher unhappy about the moves the team made before the 2015 trade deadline. He also took issue with Miami removing pitching coach Chuck Hernandez replacing him with Juan Nieves. 

While the Marlins have a knack for bringing in talent, then pulling the plug early with trades. The team signed Wei-Yin Chen during the offseason to a five-year, $80 million deal — that includes an opt-out after two seasons — which could indicate the Marlins are wanting to contend. It could be argued Miami should trade Fernandez to receive a haul of talent, since he will not return after 2018, but instead the Marlins are hoping to play a strong one-two punch of Fernandez and Chen in the rotation for the foreseeable future. 

When on the field, Fernandez has proven to be one of the best arms in the majors. He won the NL Rookie of the Year award in 2013 pitching a 2.19 ERA with 9.7 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 over 28 starts. Since a dominant rookie season, Fernandez has made only 19 combined starts for the Marlins in 2014 and '15, but has still managed to be a solid front-of-line starter despite the injuries slowing him down.