Canseco’s New Year’s resolutions include not shooting self again

Jose Canseco doesn't plan on celebrating any more birthdays now that he's 50.

Robert Stanton/Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Canseco has big plans for 2015.

TMZ caught up with Canseco, who was out with his fiancee Leila Knight on New Year’s Eve.

The former major-league slugger answered questions about several topics, including his New Year’s resolutions.

Canseco was a good sport about the whole thing, joking that one of his resolutions is to not shoot himself in the finger again — he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun back in October.

He plans on selling the gun once he gets it back from the police, saying he’s already been offered "$2,000-$3,000 for it already."

Canseco, who turned 50 last July, added he’s done celebrating birthdays and he doesn’t want to "stress out too much."


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