Bautista does his best Roy Hobbs, smashes light bulbs with blast

It is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of sports films.

A hobbled and wounded Roy Hobbs, played by Robert Redford, takes one last swing in his brief but great career and sends a fastball sailing over the fence, over the roof and into the light tower, smashing light bulbs and sending the New York Knights to the World Series while their star rounds the bases in a shower of broken glass that looks like a fireworks show.

That was the end to the 1984 Barry Levinson classic "The Natural."

Fast forward 31 years to Boston. In the fourth inning Tuesday night, Toronto’s Jose Bautista stepped to the plate against Red Sox reliever Edward Mujica.

There was no pennant on the line (it’s only April). The game wasn’t on the line, either (it was the only the fourth inning at the time). And there were no fireworks to shower Bautista as he rounded the bases. Hell, it wasn’t even a fair ball.

But on his first pitch from Mujica, the Blue Jays’ slugger skied a towering fly ball down the left-field line that sailed wide of the fair pole but cleared the stands in Fenway Park with enough force that the ball shattered a light bulb on the Coca-Cola sign above the seats.

Of course, Bautista did homer later in the game, helping the Blue Jays to an 11-8 win over the Red Sox.

You can see in the video above that the blast did indeed send glass showering down, and left a nice hole where the bulb used to shine.

And here is how it looked when Hobbs did it.

Apparently some are not surprised by this. Neil Salinas, who used to work at TSN with current FOX Sports Live co-anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, has seen this coming for some time.