Jose Abreu promises home run for 11-year-old boy with cancer and delivers

White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu made a big promise to a sick boy on Thursday, and proved to be a man of his word.

Abreu visited 11-year-old Shane Callaghan, who is in chemotherapy for bone cancer in his left leg, and his family before Chicago’s game against the Indians on Thursday. In what the slugger called an “emotional moment,” he told him Callaghan he would homer for him.

Then, in the fourth inning, he hit a 406-foot shot to tie the game at 1–1.

“I realized, ‘Oh, I did it.’ I feel relieved because I did it,” Abreu said through a translator after the game. “I feel blessed because that’s something that God put in your path. That’s something you can do to make an impact or to do something good for kids. That’s the way that I feel, like I have the opportunity to do something good for them.”

It was Abreu’s 24th homer of the year, and his sixth in 17 games.

– Kenny Ducey

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