Posada: Umps would fart on me behind plate, but I got ’em back

Apparently, mouths and hand gestures weren't the only tools Jorge Posada and umpires used to communicate during the former Yankees catcher's playing days.

Ron Antonelli

For a guy who hasn’t played since 2011, Jorge Posada has sure been in the news quite a bit lately.

He’s currently on a book tour. He told "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday that former teammate Alex Rodriguez does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because of his admitted PED use. And he was accused by Pedro Martinez of igniting the famous brawl in which Martinez tossed Don Zimmer to the ground by cursing at Martinez’s mother.

But good luck topping this one.

Those sleuths at TMZ Sports caught up with the Yankees great on the streets of New York and, in a video posted Wednesday morning, asked him who was the biggest talker in the batter’s box when Posada was crouched behind the plate.

"Probably Manny Ramirez," he said. Yeah, big shocker.

But then came the doozie. He was asked, "Did anybody pass gas in your face?"

The answer is even better.

"Uh, yes. More umpires than players," he said, before adding, "But I returned the favor back."