Villar gives us another classic

You gotta admit, Jonathan Villar and his Houston Astros may not

be very good, but they sure are fun.

Villar, a .249-hitting rookie shortstop already gave us perhaps

the highlight of the year with


his butt-slide earlier this month against the

Reds. And on Tuesday, he gave us another beauty. But what do we

call perhaps the worst bunt attempt in baseball history? You can

also see the video


here .

Villar isn’t the first player to miss a ball on a bunt. And

we’ve seen players get a jump on trying to lay down a drag bunt.

But only Villar could drop the bat before the Yu Darvish pitch gets

to the plate and miss the ball by what looks like a good foot. He

would go on to strike out for the first of three times on his way

to an 0-for-5 night in the

Astros’ 3-2 loss to the Rangers .

But amazingly (or perhaps not so amazingly), this isn’t the

first time Villar has tried this. He did this last month.

But clearly, nothing beats this.


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