Niese gets nose job, and in better shape

New York Mets starter Jon Niese revealed Monday that he got a nose job last October after being teased by his former teammate Carlos Beltran — and it ended up fixing his breathing.

Niese was told during the pre-op process that he had an abnormality in his sinus that was affecting his breathing. The abnormality was repaired, and Niese credits that for helping him lose about 10 pounds in the offseason. Niese said he never noticed the abnormality previously.

"Working out just seems so much easier," Niese said. "The surgeon told me a normal nose should be like a doorway with the door open a little bit. He explained it like it’s somebody ripped the hinges off the door and smashed it sideways into the wall. He got it all fixed up."

Beltran, who was traded to the Giants last July, had teased his fellow player about his distinctive-shaped nose to the point where Niese decided to get surgery. Beltran even offered to pay for the procedure. Niese said Beltran — who now plays for the Cardinals — has not paid up yet, but the pitcher plans to remind him.

"Carlos wanted me to do it, so I was like, ‘OK,’" Niese said. "I couldn’t say no. And then it turned into fixing it."