Johnny Cueto tried one of the most hideous swings baseball will ever see


Johnny Cueto is having a great year on the mound. But he provided more proof in Wednesday night’s loss to the Dodgers that he’ll never be confused with rotation mate Madison Bumgarner in the batter’s box.

Cueto was already grinning before this fifth-inning pitch, which resulted in laughter from around the baseball world and comparisons to the golf swing of Happy Gilmore.

It’s hard to pick the best part of this hilarious hack: the running start, the swing that came after the ball was already in the catcher’s glove, Rich Hill’s reaction, or the kiss Cueto blew afterward. To the surprise of no one, this at-bat ended in a strikeout – just as his previous plate appearance did.

Adding injury to insult, Cueto was a hard-luck loser on the mound despite allowing just one run in six innings.

If you still can’t look away, here’s the full video of the swing: