Marlins CF Maybin injured trying to make catch

Florida Marlins center fielder Cameron Maybin was injured when

he ran into the wall trying to catch a triple by Atlanta’s Brooks

Conrad in the seventh inning of the Braves’ 3-2 win Tuesday


He hurt his lower back, Florida manager Edwin Rodriguez said

after the game. Maybin left the field on a golf cart.

”I thought it was his leg but it turns out it was his lower

back,” Rodriguez said. ”We’ll see how it is in 2-3 days. I

thought it was more serious.”

Maybin, who left the clubhouse on crutches, said he also hurt

both legs in addition to his back.

The ball glanced off Maybin’s glove just before he hit the

padded outfield wall in right center field. The triple scored Melky

Cabrera to tie the score at 1.