Indians’ Trevor Bauer suggested a gruesome solution to stop his finger from bleeding


We all saw what happened to Trevor Bauer's finger during Game 3 of the ALCS on Monday. The Indians starter was forced to leave the game in the first inning, thanks to his grotesquely injured pinkie finger.

It was literally a bloody mess.

But apparently it all could have been avoided, if Bauer had got his way when it was time to treat the injury.

After cutting his finger open while repairing his drone, Bauer received six stitches at a nearby hospital to close the wound. But when he went to the Indians trainer's room to have his finger examined, he asked the medical staff if they could burn the wound shut — and he was dead serious.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Bauer kept asking the medical staff to use a soldering iron and burn shut the wound he suffered at a hotel when a drone he was repairing went haywire and sliced his finger from the nail to second knuckle. They laughed, even though they understood Bauer was dead serious and regretted not cauterizing it himself the night of the injury.

Looking back, Bauer said he should have just taken matters into his own hands.

“I even had a soldering iron in my hotel room,” Bauer said. “Instead of going to the ER, I probably should’ve sealed it closed myself.”

While Bauer's unconventional solution might have allowed him to pitch longer in Game 3, it didn't end up mattering, thanks to the unbelievable job by Cleveland's bullpen.  Besides, we would have missed out on one of the most memorable — however grotesque — moments of the MLB postseason.