Indians Andrew Miller: Perplexing Fantasy Value in 2017

Andrew Miller was out of this world for the Indians and Yankees last season. But, what is his fantasy value heading into 2017?

Since the vintage days of Randy Johnson, there may not be a more entertaining lefty slinger to watch in MLB right now other than the Indians’, Andrew Miller. Armed with the most devastating slider/fastball combo in the game, watching Miller work is just downright unfair. But, as good as he is in real life, what value does he bring to fantasy baseball?

Miller finished the regular season with a 1.45 ERA/12 SV/26 HLD/123 K line over 74 innings. He was nearly unhittable in the postseason as well. But, outside of his sheer K and ERA, neither his SV or HLDS totals do not stand out.

This is where fantasy owners will have to make the decision whether or not Miller is a special case all in himself. For one, the game has become so specialized, that it is hard to pinpoint who will lead the league in HLD each season. But, Miller is so versatile that he can be implemented in numerous roles, helping the chances he can compile HLD in 2017.

If they can stay healthy, the Indians staff will be great again in 2017. Plus, their lineup is even better than last season with the addition of Edwin Encarnacion. That would lead owners to think that Cleveland will be in their fair share of games next season, meaning Miller will see the field early and often.

Miller is the best pitcher the Indians’ have in their bullpen, but they know that Cody Allen can be effective in the 9th inning. Miller will poach his share of SV, maybe 10-15, but it is clear that he will be the go to set-up guy all season. His HLD should increase as Cleveland will simply be better the Yankees were for half of last season, upping his value as well.

Fantasy owners should target him right around the same time as the elite closers because of the ridiculous weekly contributions in the K and ERA departments. Miller essentially becomes RP that can offer SP5 like K numbers each week. This offers fantasy owners a huge advantage as he can single handily mask an owners rotation flaws.

Andrew Miller belongs near the elite tier of RP. His unique usage and talent are just too hard to past up even though he is not the typical RP selection. Target him aggressively in 2017.

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