In Oakland, A’s concerned with runs, hits, errors, plumbing

That brown, gunky water in the visitors dugout in Oakland last September wasn't sewage, the A's said. That would have been in the A's coaches area of the clubhouse. The team got a reminder of those issues on Saturday.

Kelley L Cox/Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is back in Oakland, so get ready for another exciting season of … plumbing issues.

Before Saturday’s exhibition game at Coliseum between the A’s and Giants was rained out, the A’s coaches discovered bubbling water in shower drains and a toilet in their area of the clubhouse. But it could have been far worse, right?

The last time A’s beat writer Slusser is referring to likely is last September, when there was a sewage backup in the coaches’€™ bathroom. The visitors dugout flooded with an unappetizing brown water that, for however it looked, club officials said was muddy water, not sewage. Still, the incident in the coaches’€™ bathroom was the third instance of sewage flooding at the Coliseum last season.

Last June, sewage in the baseball clubhouse showers forced the A’s and Mariners to shower in the Oakland Raiders locker room.

But you can still try to keep a positive attitude about the start of the season.

In November, the A’s got a two-year extension of their lease at what is commonly called Oakland Coliseum, but they obviously want better digs, though it is unclear whether that would be through a renovated Coliseum, a new stadium somewhere else in Oakland or a move to San Jose.