Watch: Astros’ Gattis needs only one hand to crush home runs

There's 'power', and then there's 'Evan Gattis power'. 

Jerome Miron/Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros slugger Evan Gattis is a strong guy – that much is already known.

He demonstrated his ridiculous power again on Wednesday night. With the Astros on the wrong side of a blowout in their game with the hard-charging Texas Rangers, Gattis effectively one-handed an inside pitch for a two-run home run to left field in the eighth inning.

Not only does the man eschew batting gloves for the "bare hand" feel, he also generates enough power to hit the ball a long way with ease. Take a look:

That’s the kind of next-level power that causes folks to stand up and pay attention, and calls to mind a similarly jaw-dropping homer he crushed back in July.

Power, thy name is Evan Gattis.